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Don’t miss out on being seen

Getting your message about your product or brand to the top of search engine pages can be the game changer that turns your business around. At a time when everyone is discovering, sharing and buying products online, you cannot afford to be invisible. We’ll make sure your brand is being found by qualified customers who come back time and time again and bring other customers with them.

Why Enterprise SEO Services

Just because you’re not a giant corporation selling internationally, doesn’t mean you don’t need to look at enterprise SEO services. Enterprise SEO is not about the size of your business but more about the number of pages and products on your website.

We don’t just optimise your site by enhancing keyword placement and density or roll out stock-standard SEO processes. We go a lot further because enterprise SEO requires a more structured digital marketing strategic approach, tailored to large websites. You can follow all the usual SEO rules and get higher rankings, but how do you stand out when all your competitors are doing that too? That’s where we come in and create the point of difference you need.

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It’s not just about the clicks

We don’t just get you clicks and views, but we introduce quality buyers to your brand. We’ll provide the opportunity to connect with targeted customers with a stronger online presence and help you make smarter marketing decisions. Correct enterprise SEO should save you time and money by giving you the confidence to be more informed and resourceful with all of your other business activities.


When done correctly, with SEO in mind, blogging is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your site and can be a vital element in reaching customers. Blogging also helps you keep customers and create buyer loyalty. We’ll create meaningful content and blog templates to make your business stand out.

Social media

Your social media presence can heavily improve your search rankings which is why it is so important that your enterprise SEO strategy includes this focus. We will boost your number of followers, stimulate external inbound links and optimise posts for searches. The key to successful social media management to improve SEO is consistency and unique brand representation.


Over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every single day. 80% of shoppers first jump online to research before they buy. That means, almost certainly, most of your customers will turn to search engines when looking to buy your type of product or service. Getting found and getting to the top of search pages starts with search engine optimisation (SEO). We look at the keywords on your website and content from the ground up.

Site navigation

Your site’s navigation impacts how search engines determine the importance of your information and where it should be ranked. We first audit your site’s structure and internal links. Even pages like ‘Contact Us’ hugely affect your rankings even though they seem insignificant. They can be damaging your chances of popping up on the first page of Google. Coding is implemented to tidy up the flow of pages and duplicate content.

Turning views into sales

Bringing in buyers is a vital first step but you then need to convert the leads into dollars spent. We make this happen by creating demand and giving your customers what they want. Every business and its ideal customer is different. We assess the types of buyers that are ideal to your business and establish platforms, tailored to your product or service, that give you access to their contact information to convert the leads into sales. This may include generating content such as e-books, newsletters, and other valuable knowledge sharing, in return for email addresses.

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Call-to-action buttons get visitors to your site clicking and completing a conversion. We improve your click-through rate by creating these for your landing pages and design the important elements such as the action-oriented text, colour, shape, hierarchy, graphics, white space and testing.

Opt-in forms

Forms provide fantastic access to customer information however it can be very difficult getting visitors to your site to fill these out. To increase your leads, we optimise forms by assessing elements like the text used, keywords, readability, relevance and length.

Exit overlays

These are the messages that pop up when a visitor attempts to leave a page. Capturing the potential customer’s attention and encouraging them to stay enhances conversion. Well thought out exit overlays can also provide email addresses and we will carefully design these to suit your business without being annoying to visitors trying to leave the page.

Tracking movements

We track how your visitors move around your site which can be very valuable in increasing conversion rates and knowing which areas require tweaking. By knowing more about your visitor’s behavior, you can target and address their needs. Meeting the needs of your potential buyer can be the thing that sets you apart from your competition.

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Sealing the deal

Having a great SEO manager is one thing, but having one that can close a sale is another. After bringing traffic and generating leads, we can help you turn these into buyers and repeat customers. We can manage the whole process from start to finish and create a smooth pathway for customers interacting with your brand.

Lead Sourcing

With our innovative auditing software, we can provide a look into the visitor’s commitment level and readiness to engage in a sale. We take care of the time-consuming processes like sifting through leads and determining a list of quality data that is more likely to convert into sales than if you were to just improve your search rankings.

Smart alerts

We design smart alerts in our SEO tools to monitor changes. Staying ahead of any problems or challenges means we can make sure you effectively retain customers and improve brand loyalty. We also manage your website’s evolution as your search rankings improve and mold the action plan to fit in with these changes.

Cookie re targeting

It is not always easy to get a customer’s email address so we can implement systems to entice them to come back to your site, including cookie re targeting. We will release cookies to track visitor activity and help you accurately assign your leads to appropriate marketing initiatives.

Closed-loop reporting

To make sure you achieve the highest return on investment, we monitor your team’s ability to close the sales loop. We generate data and analytics in the form of closed-loop reporting to make sure each lead and customer is converted. Together with our integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) system we can identify how effectively your sales team are closing the best leads.

Continuous engagement

Enticing customers to come back to your site and brand instead of trying your competitors is important. We present regular data to monitor visitor retention including time on site, responsiveness and activity. There are several strategies we implement to maintain customer loyalty to keep them coming back and spending.

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Live chat

Effective live chats improve the buyer experience as customers know they can receive instant support. This means they are more likely to continue using your site and return.

Social media

We manage various social media platforms to offer value adds to customers, invite them back to your site and give them new reasons to engage with you.

Email marketing

We create and maintain a qualified database of contact information to connect with existing customers through e-newsletters, reminders, feedback requests and greeting cards.

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What do you get?

With SEO Tweaks, you get unique enterprise SEO services from a reputable SEO company to suit your business goals. You get results on time and within budget. We provide end-to-end analysis and action, reviewing your systems and your brand’s position in the market. We will ensure your content is presented in a way that is readable by crawlers and bots which all determine your search engine rankings. Based on your presence and search engine visibility, we carefully create a strategic plan to best capitalise on opportunities and reduce any existing problems. You get to work with a dedicated project manager who is passionate about helping you get the most out of your online presence.