Content Writing

Having fresh, unique and non-plagiarised on your content is absolutely crucial in setting your business apart from the others. At seotweaks we have professional content writers that not only precisely and succinctly define your content for you, but they ensure that all of the essential keywords and terms that are required to assist in helping you get to page one are utilised.

It is becoming more and more apparent with Google’s releases of their panda and penguin policies, that companies that have cut and pasted, or duplicate content on their website will be severely penalised when it comes to search rankings. The other key fact that is arising from a lot of the policy changes that Google implement, is that you also need fresh content appearing on your website frequently. This may be in the form of new articles, blogs, or simply providing new content about products or services that you offer.

When you use our SEO company to develop your web content, you also have a 100% guarantee that all content written for you, is completely verified by Copyscape, and then become your Intellectual Property. seotweaks never re-uses content for similar customer’s.

When you choose seotweaks as your SEO partner, you can elect as part of your monthly service to have a specified number of blogs written that can then be uploaded onto your site at regular intervals to ensure that you are staying ahead of the game, and providing that unique and fresh content that Google’s bots just love!

Experience has shown us here at seotweaks that simply by updating your website with new blog articles three times a week, it can clearly differentiate and accelerate your web presence in getting to the illusive page one quicker.

We have solid content writing experience across a wide range of industries and markets. So no matter what content you need, from product descriptions, blogs, press releases, articles, technical write-up’s or simply re-titling your entire website, rest assured that you are in the best of hands.