SEO Courses – Live 1 to 1 Sessions

SEO Training Courses at your own pace.

SEO Training Courses

We are now providing SEO training Courses due to high demand.

This SEO Course is a live 1 to 1 session personalised to your needs to help with your online business growth and personal knowledge.  

We will agree and select a time where I will make myself available via a live streaming session/phone call and go through all the steps from basic to advanced technical SEO training.  

It is a personal 1 to 1, face to face session with you or you and your team.  

Course Duration is 4 hours.

The fee is £500 GBP.

If need be I can also come to you at your business premises if required for an extra fee.

Group SEO training can be arranged in house if there is more than 5 people.

About Our SEO Courses

Our live SEO Courses are designed where I will sit with you during the session and teach you how to successfully optimise a website.  I will show you the tools to make the job easier and answer any questions you may need answering.

We will go through the basics of SEO right through to some advanced heavy SEO techniques such as converting your website to HTTPS, reducing page loading speeds and explain why these matter to your SEO strategy.

I will show you how to setup google search console, google analytics, google adwords and then link them all together, along with many other SEO tips and tricks to help you run or manage a successful business with a professional digital strategy.

We can show you many other things from bing webmaster tool right through to international href language tagging, structured markup assistance to social media marketing. You will gain the practical knowledge as a small or large business owner wherever in the world you may be.

What you will learn

  • The Main Key Concepts of SEO, what it is and what it means for your business
  • Effective tools to assist you with running a professional SEO campaign
  • The key elements in a search engine result.  How what you do feeds back into what people see in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Provide you with techniques for doing your own keyword research and show you how to write SEO-optimised unique content
  • Key On page elements to your webpages
  • Link-building strategies and best practices for outreach
  • Show you how websites load content in the browser to the end user and show you ways to improve the speed
  • Search Engine Submission the right way via google search console and linking to google analytics.  We will show you how to add the code into your website so search engines track your visits and stats correctly
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt what they mean and what they are for
  • Converting to SSL the right way
  • Website Design and Architecture how they are all layered together
  • Image compression
  • Structured markup
  • Mobile friendliness
  • New emerging technologies and so much more


After the course I will take some time to check your website and ensure your website is being crawled correctly, I will also check or assist you with any other concerns you may have around SEO best practices.

The SEO Training Course 1 on 1 is for anyone from small businesses to large enterprise business or even a 1 man band looking to enhance their SEO knowledge.

If you want to book this course then please do not hesitate to contact our SEO company in Newcastle by filling out the form below and I will call you right back.