HTTPS Developers & Migration Specialists

Do you need a HTTPS Specialist to convert your website across to SSL, here at SEO Tweaks we have many years experience with secure websites.

Make it GDPR scure today!

Businesses can now face fines of up to €20 million if you do not comply with the new legislation and processes

A key part of GDPR is itself your business and the responsibility to secure customer data and websites to prevent data breaches, phishing, and other forms of malicious online activity.

A specialist from our SEO company can perform deep analysis of your web server to ensure all the correct configuration is in place and we can even re-write your configuration files to make sure your SSL certificate is AA rated and even run it on Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for you, thus making is GDPR compliant from a security vulnerability perspective.


HTTPS can and will protect the integrity of your website. It will also protect against intruders from messing with the communications between your users and your websites such as malicious attacks and poeple who go as far as injecting code or ads onto your webpages.

What we can do for you

1: Purchase a valid security certificate for you.
2: Install the certificate on your hosted website and ensure it is configured correctly.
3: Prepare the migration on a test server to test first everything is fully SSL functional.
4: Set up any HTTP to HTTPS to ensure pages are fully secure.
5: Update any external plugins to ensure they are HTTPS compliant (commenting, widgets, twitter, facebook, youtube, all those embeds)
6: Check and update your ad code to support HTTPS.
7: Ensure your analytics will work on the new HTTPS URLs.
8: Update any social requirements for SSL.
9: Update and check your internal site search to support HTTPS and ensure they are being discovered.
10: Submit new HTTPS XML sitemaps to search engine crawlers.
11: We will test your website with various SSL Lab tools.

Let us structure a professional SSL secure package and do the hard work for you.

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