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Website speed & performance should always be considered for presenting your information to users.  Page speed load times has been pursued by google for quite sometime lately and they now build this into their algorithms as a ranking factor. Check our page speed below, you will see we don’t mess around if you don’t believe us go and check out some of our competitors in the market and you will see some shocking results. As a specialised business we like to prove our results and we would never claim otherwise, would you honestly use another company that charges a fortune and cannot even get this working on their own website, I think not!.

Google’s Matt Cutts himself has even stated that low performing websites especially on mobile devices will be affected as a poor user experience where websites load slowly are not what we want in today’s day and age on the web. The latest info is that google are now going to be warning users about slow websites so be prepared

Here at SEO Tweaks we have a vast amount of experience in website performance issues and there are many things we can do to get you up to speed.  You don’t have to be 100% for the search engines to be happy but at least getting you around the 85% mark will give you a green light we specialise in the latest web core vitals.

We can give your site a full page speed analysis and get to work fixing the things that could be slowing your website down.

There are lots of factors that could be causing this such as images taking a long time to load, javascript code blocking your pages from loading quick and various other things which can affect The Speed Index such as The First Contentful Paint, The Largest Contentful Paint, The Time to Interactive, The Total Blocking Time and The Cumulative Layout Shift.

Our SEO consultants will address these issues for you by using all our tools we have in our arsenal to make your website load faster such as optimising your images, compressing your files, deferring certain files from loading until the webpage is presented, minifying some of your CSS and whole lot more tactics we have to break that speed barrier.

Check our own website speed and let our page speed numbers speak for themselves. See SEO Tweaks Page Speed