Mobile Usability

Improving your website mobile usability & user experience is crucial for your users who visit your site.  Google has been working heavily on this to help make it a better web experience for users on a whole range of mobile devices.  They are now working towards ranking websites better who take this into consideration.

There are a whole range of things that could be affecting your website performing on a mobile device such as

Sizing your tap targets appropriately which means making sure the buttons users click are not too close to each other.

Sizing your content to the viewport so it fits every possible device should it be and Ipad to a small Samsung Galaxy device

Small font sizes on mobile devices which speaks for itself, users need to be able to read your content on a mobile phone.

Flash usage problems, this can play a massive part in your user experience on mobile.  Flash takes a long time to load and many browsers are unable to render flash correctly and many search engine crawlers are unable to crawl, read and understand flash content.  They are also huge files usually made up of video content and moving images.

Here at SEO Tweaks we will improve your mobile usability issues by utilizing our skills in this field to iron out your problems.  We can do a site audit for you and give you a list of things we can and cannot do.  Bare in mind there are millions of websites out there that are and different cms systems that do not allow you full flexibility to fix all issues

Again let our numbers speak for themselves, you can check our website mobile friendliness here SEO Tweaks mobile usability score.  Click mobile then scroll down to User experience.