Google Panda and Penguin Algorithms Pushed Manually

panda and penguin algorithm

Google’s John Mueller say’s the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms pushed manually

In a recent post from search engine land the latest news over the Panda & Penguin algorithms is that they are still pushed manually, this has come from the horses mouth John Mueller over at google in a recent google hangout.

Search engine land have been tracking the Panda 4.1 updates including the Penguin refresh and they state they tracked up until around December 6, 2014, several updates to Penguin. Panda update was rolled out over several weeks and rolling out up until around October 24, 2014.

Google’s John Mueller’s words during the hangout were!
I think both of those algorithms [Panda and Penguin] currently are not updating the data regularly. So that is something for both of them, where we kind of have to push the updates as well.

So what does this mean for you

For those of you that have been penalized with Panda or Penguin you may be finding yourself frustrated as to why you have not recovered form a google algorithm update. Your guess is as good as mine about when the next google algorithm is gong to be pushed out. I guess we will have to wait and see what google are doing about this for people looking to recover, your site may even see improvements already, who knows? I suspect you will just have to keep trying until more is confirmed. I can imagine google are working hard on both the Penguin refresh and Panda update as we speak.

Remember we are here to help. If you need us to look into ways of improving your website from either of the google penalties then feel free to contact us.