Pinterest Social Media

Pinterest Social Media

Pinterest Social Media bookmarking site has raised $1.3 Billion funding in the last 9 rounds from 25 investors. In the latest round of Series G funding they have carried out out a new secondary sale to allow employees to cash in some of their shares, what a great idea moving forward don’t you think.

The Pinterest virtual pinboard interface that visually showcases the user images and interests by allowing you to pin images to boards, like images and share them socially is becoming very popular and is now estimated to be worth $11 Billion, that’s some serious cash.

Pinterest has an estimated 70 Million users and is growing daily, very fast. According to alexa Pinterest is the 40th most popular website in the world which is amazing considering the age of the company.

Some companies are taking to this social media website like a duck to water, these popular travel companies like Compare and Choose and also Jane Wang are well worth following if you happen to be in that marketplace.

Did you know!
A: Pinterest drives more referral traffic than the websites Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn put together
B: It is estimated that 25% of the Fortune Global 100 companies have a Pinterest account.
C: Over 70% of Pinterest users are believed to be women.
D: Over 10% of Pinterest pins are around the Food & Drink Category the next popular being Travel.
E: Pinterest apparently generates over 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and an estimated 27% more than Facebook social media websites. This is a statistic that is hard to believe and yet to be proven, but on another note it wouldn’t surprise me.

So if you are looking for another social media avenue why not try Pinterest today, we would strongly advise you get on the bandwagon to boost your brand awareness.