Pinterest Swaying Purchasing Decisions

Pinterest Growing Fast

According to a recently released survey by the company itself, Pinterest helps people plan for the future. Whether it is about planning a dinner party, decorating a home, or planning the ideal wedding. Thanks to a co-sponsored survey by the company itself, statistics reveal that Pinterest also helps people find what they want to buy – in other words, it is able to sway purchasing decisions.

The study itself

The study was done in conjunction with a marketing consultancy firm called MillwardBrown. There were 2,001 active and inactive Pinterest users who were surveyed between February 20 and March 7. The survey was done through email. It might be interesting to learn that almost a quarter of the respondents admitted that they were no longer actively using Pinterest at the time that the email was sent to them.

How many people are finding what they need?

There are roughly 1,500 active Pinterest users who were surveyed during this particular survey. About 52 percent of them suggested that Pinterest helps them find products that they are interested in purchasing. What might be interesting for advertisers is that more than 60 percent of the people surveyed identified themselves as “Millennial Moms.”

In addition to those numbers, about 30 percent of the respondents in the survey admitted that they bought something online, while 32 percent admitted to buying something in a brick and mortar store after finding it on Pinterest. Only about 25 percent of the active users said that they found nothing when browsing through Pinterest, including a visit to a media website, retailer, or a brand.

Still female dominated

Even though Pinterest is actively taking steps to make sure to attract males to its service, the majority of users on the site are still female. Almost 80 percent of the active users found that the food and recipe content found on Pinterest helped them decide what to buy. When it came to home decor content, this statistic was almost 60 percent.

Ramping up the advertising

As far as the advertising aspect is concerned, this simply could not have come at a better time – because Pinterest is investing heavily when it comes to ramping up its advertising business. It is possible to buy ‘promoted pins’, which may look like user-generated submissions, but are actually targeting specific user groups who have shown interest in a specific item.

You cannot overlook Pinterest

It should be obvious that Pinterest is something that advertisers and marketing professionals simply cannot ignore. Is Pinterest going to follow in the steps of Twitter and Facebook and eventually add a “buy” button that lets users order a product directly through the site? Because of the niche of the site (helping people find ideas and items), this would be a natural appeal for the social media service.

Even though it is still heavily female dominated, both the drastic increase in share value and the fact that so many people are influenced by Pinterest should suggest that this is one particular website that no marketing professional should be overlooking.