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SEO Tweaks specialists provide all aspects of SEO for your business, we have many years experience in a whole range of in depth services to help take your business to the next level and strongly believe we are the number 1 Digital Marketing & SEO Specialists.

We are experts in Panda and Penguin algorithm recovery

The Google Panda Algorithm

The algorithm is more referred to by google as the “Quality Algorithm” which affects your entire website. This is usually down to low quality content which will be given a low quality score by google making it very hard for you to rank in the search engines and results in huge traffic losses.

If you are finding a sudden yet gradual decline or have trouble ranking no matter what you try then chances are you could have been hit. The most recent roll-out which was Panda 4.2 was back in July 2015.

The Google Penguin Algorithm

This is the other main algorithm which affects websites that have been aggressive in link building campaigns, the algorithm will pickup any unnatural link patterns it may come across that has the intention of manipulating search engines. The Google Penguin Algorithm has been around since April 2012.

We are the SEO specialists that can assist with detecting any unnatural links and are able to submit your website for reconsideration which will eventually lead to traffic recovery.

We can also identify manual penalties if your business has been engaged in

A: Selling or Purchasing Links.

B: Using doorway pages or cloaking

C: Unnatural links (same as Penguin) and Thin Content (which is a severe penalty known as Panda)

Along with fixing any problems your business may be experiencing we can also look into the nuts and bolts of SEO and also provide specialist services such as

1: Structured Markup to enhance search engine experience

2: Your website speed and performance to provide results to your users faster (we don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we are probably the best in the country around this, take a look at our site speed page and see for yourself.

3: Duplicate content repair to provide a great user experience

4: Making your website mobile friendly to enhance user experience across all device

5: In depth SEO inline with google guidelines

6: Social media management and so much more

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