Googles Location-Aware Search

Location aware search

Googles Location-Aware Search goes from strength to strength which has now been confirmed at SMX Paris in France by the head of conversational search at google, Director Behshad Behzadi.

Do you want to be standing in front of a tower and know how tall it is without even knowing the name of it! or even the name of a river your standing beside including the length of it well those days are here with Google’s new “location-aware.  The technology is awesome which had been demonstrated by Google in Paris.

You can see demonstrations in some of the videos google have shown.  One of the videos shows a man in front of a church asking.
“What’s the name of this church.”  Google using his geo targeting location takes the perfect guess and tells him the name. Similarly you can stand in front of a closed restaurant and ask “When does this restaurant open” which google can answer.

The location-aware software is that incredible you can even say to google “Call This Conference Center” your standing in front of and it will geographically locate you figure out the name of the conference center and even place the call for you.

Personally here at SEO Tweaks we love this, with today’s online world wanting answers asap we find this to be a great move forward by Google in voice search technology, obviously this will have some flaws but we believe it can only get better from the search giants.