Googles Quality Algorithm Update

Phantom 2 Algorithm Update

Googles Quality Algorithm Update has now been confirmed by Google.

In a recent post on Search Engine Land Google have confirmed the release of the Quality Algorithm Update which has affected many websites of all kinds such as News sites and Loan Sites. Owners are not only seeing some huge drops in rankings some are seeing huge gains. The focus seems to be on pages with low quality content or invaluable content. Glenn Gabe over at G Squared Interactive has a great post which dives right in depth on the algorithm change which has been named The Phantom 2 Update it is well worth a read.

So what can you do?

The best approach SEO Tweaks can give would be to run a site analysis and look for any thin content or parts of your website that may have have duplicate content, or articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations which will be seen as a bit spammy. Thin content means content on your website that may only be a couple of sentences long which is not very explanative to the user, for instance if you have an online shop selling iphones and your content information were to say something like “The latest IPhone 5 from our store only $499.95” Buy Now is no where near as informative as something like specifying Dimensions, What colour it comes in, Reviews, Specification, Battery Life, Accessories and so on. If you are able to go that extra mile then you will be rewarded in time, I am pretty sure if I were to be looking for a new product I would want to know a bit about it before I just went ahead and made a purchase.

Another good thing to do would be to re-evaluate your ads on your website, are they hindering the user experience, are they blending into your website so users do not know if it is actually informational or an actual ad (classed as deceiving users). People want to be able to browse around online these days without the hassle of popup, hard to navigate website, websites that are not informational and so on, so it is time to thicken up your content sooner rather than later.

I would recommend our specialised content writing services, it may costs a few pounds but it will be well worth it in the long run.

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