Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

mobile search engine optimisation
Why Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

You might be asking yourself do I really need mobile search engine optimisation for my website? the simple answer is that mobile SEO is a must. You need to consider your website load times on mobile devices, with an ever increasing amount of mobile users using their phones for search the last thing people will want is a slow loading website. You also need to consider making your website mobile friendly too, as of today the 21st April 2015 google algorithms have now made “mobile friendly websites” a live ranking factor. If your website is not mobile friendly it will not be seen on mobile devices.

So what can you do, well there are many different things you can do to fix up your website to get that magical mobile friendly signal from google such as resizing your tap targets, setting your mobile view ports, optimising images, un-blocking java-script and compressing files, you can also download external files to your local server and call them locally to save on extra http requests, the various options you can achieve are quite substantial.

Here at SEO Tweaks we are here to make that job simple for you as this is what we specialise in day in day out almost every week of the year and without blowing our own trumpet we do it better than most of our competitors. You want to see proof? then that is not an issue for us, you can see for yourself right here Speed and Performance. As you will see out desktop speed, our mobile speed and our mobile usability is 100% throughout, we took this challenge to make it proven it could be done. Not all websites can hit this magical mark due to limitations on external sources and other various factors but we make damn sure we will get you to where you need to be on performance.

If you need a quote, assistance or just some friendly advice then pleas do not hesitate to contact us.