Search Engine Land Landy Awards

search engine landy awards


Landy awards (hashtag #TheLandys)

Search Engine Land  have just launched a “Landy Awards” program, the search engine land landy awards (hashtag #TheLandys) is designed to recognize people and agencies who have exceeded performance in organic and paid search marketing.

They have formed there own judging panel which also includes assistance from the big leaders such as Google, Bing and SEMPO to create specific award categories in all areas which are categorized on their website.

The great thing about this is that all profits are going to benefit charitable organizations of which they have already donated over $60,000 to date.  The likes of Third Door Media are going to be guaranteeing a minimum of $5,000 (isn’t that just awesome).

Why enter the Landy Awards

Couldn’t the above mentioned not give you an incentive to enter, wouldn’t it be great to know that you helped in making a contribution to a charitable organization.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to prove your specialist skills around SEO, SEM, various mobile techniques, Local search skills or Retail search then why not give it a try.  You never know what could happen, could you imagine coming away known you have won the challenging award or even a runner up. Whichever way you look at it you know its going to be worth a try.

Do you want to be a part of it, or even enter? then head over to Search Engine Land.  They will tell you everything you should know in relation to entering.  Each category will have specific entry criteria related to it and there will be 12 categories covering all aspects of Search Engine Marketing,  Search Engine Optimization,  Mobile, Local and Retail Search Marketing areas of expertise. Be sure you get your landy award submission in before July 31, 2015

image credit goes out to pixabay