Optimize content with the help from Google

google page speed news


Optimizing content to increase you web page speed has now got easier thanks to google, you might be asking yourself how on earth do I optimize javascript or compress images, even my css compression, where do I start?

Well now thanks to google making the web a better place they now are helping you do just that in page speed insights tool. I was working in there this morning when I noticed a link saying “Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.” yes that right google are now providing you with the optimized version of some of the files you may need.

google page speed news

A couple of things to consider before just going ahead with your optimization efforts.

1: If you have two css style sheets that are in different folders but are used for different things and are called the same EG folder1/style.css folder2/style.css Google will rename them to style and style_2 so beware of this so you do not overwrite the wrong files.

2: Google will let you download all files but only into 1 folder so you have to find where each file resides correctly.

3: As always when you optimize content ensure you take a backup and rename your files to .old before overwriting just to be sure.

I like the way google are really pushing forward with making the web a better, faster place.